četrtek, 16. december 2010

Hanna & Friends #75

Še zadnjič letos se vam oglašamo z izziva Hanna & Friends. Potem pa gremo na “dopust” in se vrnemo naslednje leto. :)) Jupi!! Torej vaša naloga za zadnji letošnji izziv je izdelati nekaj božičnega – lahko je to darilce ali pa čestitka. Važno je, da uporabite vsaj en odtis na svojem izdelku, ker brez tega pri Hanna & Friends žal ne gre.

Hello! It’s our last challenge – for this year off course! – over at Hanna & Friends. And we would like you to made something based on a theme “Just a little Christmas.” You are free to let your imagination wild on this one, since you can basically  do anything related to Christmas. And I’m going with another card, because I can’t show you any Christmas gifts just yet – all my loved ones read my blog so it won’t be a surprise. :))

Hanna & Friends #75

This card it’s on it’s way to Canada and I hope it will reach it’s destination before Christmas. :) I just love those opposite colors – cold blue and such a warm red.

Hope your day is going fabulous and that you are warm, since it’s so cold here in Europe. I miss summer so much!! But than again … Santa is coming to town in a few days so that makes me happy!


Lepo se imejte do prihodnjič!

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